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Project Management Added Value
Projects have been, over time, to acquire a complexity and a multidisciplinary approach that required a paradigm shift in management.
Project Management, as a discipline, has enabled the introduction of powerful methods and tools to achieve the quality, cost and time objectives of the projects, in this new reality.

In the management of projects we comply with PMBok®, and also with disciplines and standards that we greatly value, namely, Risk Management and Information Security Management.

You know what? We love IT projects
Hard to stay on BUDGET, TIME and SCOPE?

Scope creep?Always late?Where´s the money?This is not what you asked for?

Information Technology PMaaS
If you have to go to the doctor, do you agree to be observed only by a medical trainee? So why do you let your projects run by juniors without the coaching of a qualified senior?

Training and experience are mandatory in the project managers we appoint. We ensure the additional knowledge of disciplines such as risk management or information security management.

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Project Management Office Implementation
Organizations benefiting from a PMO demonstrate different results. This is a fact. How about your organization?

Do you feel that your PMO is as efficient as it should be? Are you starting from scratch? There´s soooooooooooooooo many ways we can give you support!!!!!!

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Organizational PM Benchmarking Maturity
Have you taken the benefit of an evaluation of the organization's maturity in project management using benchmarks such as OPM3?

We have created a tool that will quickly allow you to calculate RoI in the context of the maturity assessment.

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Organizational Project Selection and Approval
Project Charter preparation and approval is part of project selection activities in an organization and supports the good planning of a project.

Do you feel confortable with this? Are you getting the expected return of your projects?

Frameworks we love to work with
It's wonderful that the wheel has already been invented. That's one of the reasons we use frameworks developed and tested by experts around the world, namely:

  • ISO 21500 (Guidance on project management)
  • ISO/IEC 27001(Information security management systems - Requirements)
  • ISO 31000 (Risk management)
  • PMBoK® Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge)
  • OPM3® (Organizational Project Management Maturity Model)
PM QUID Skills*
  • PMP® Certified Project Managers
  • Expertise on the areas of knowledge (Scope, Time, Cost, Risk, Quality, Human Resources, Integration, Stakeholders, Procurement and Communication Management
  • Program and Portfolio Management (PMI® standards)
  • Project Management Office implementation (PMO) to institutions of various business sectors and areas
  • Implementation of Project Management tools (Microsoft® Enterprise Project Management, MS Project, SpiraPlan and others) at the corporate level

* non-exhaustive

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