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ISwM Model

a new approach to
software management

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About our partners
It's all so much easier when everybody paddle in the same direction

That´s it. We work with and for partners.

What is usually named as a “customer” or a “client” we would rather call it a partner, a solution partner.
What is usually named as a  “supplier” or a “provider” we would rather call it a partner, a contributor partner.
What is usually named as an “employee” or a “worker” we would rather call it a partner, a collaborator partner.

About us
The company was established in 2012 and it is aimed to deliver high quality IT services, with and to our partners, either with national or international dimension.

Time and realization bring maturity and nowadays we offer a wide range of solutions that are adapted to every need within our offer. What we aim for is to build win-win situations, solutions and partnerships. We are a team committed to bring the best of us to our partners, to be part of their success. For this we relly on solid values and focus on four business areas that are interrelated and conjugated to promote this success. Whether as a service or as a turnkey project, our teams are managed by highly qualified and experienced professionals, who deliver solutions tailored to each business needs.

We love working with companies that want simple, easy-to-use processes and uncomplicated tools. We like to prove to those companies how our Integrated Software Management model is the one which best fits their needs and how it enables their businesses to run on wheels.

Services & Products
IT Project Management
Gestão de Projectos de TI
Software Quality Management
Gestão da Qualidade do Software
Information Security Management
Gestão da Segurança da Informação
Integrated Software Management
Gestão Integrada de Software
We are fans of customization. We design the right solutions with our partners and this leads to better results. Whether in the form of projects, services, small, medium or long-term, with more or less scope, with larger or smaller teams, in multinational or regional organizations, we work with the same dedication and commitment.

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